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Massage has been around for centuries because it works.
Often human touch is the one luxury that we loose in our fast paced world.
Take the time to find how good it can make you feel.

Please try to reserve your massage at least 24 hrs in advance.

60min Massage = $95
90min Massage = $135
120min Massage = $185

Package:   3 x 90 min Massage = $375 ($125 pro massage)

(valid 4 month, not transferable)


Relaxing Massage, Deep Tisue, Prenatal, Craniosacral, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Thai Mix, Myofascial Therapy

Sinus Treatment & Massage 75 min & Salt Therapy 45 min = $145

Hot Stone Placement Massage 90 min = $150

Single Massage in the Salt Room  90 min = $160
Couple Massage in the Salt Room 90 min = $320
Couple Massage in the Salt Room 90min & Public Salt Therapy for 2 people 45min = $370
Couple Massage in the Salt Room 90min & Private Salt Therapy for 2 people 45min = $395


Add ons:
Sinus Treatment 15min = $25
Neck Massage 15 min = $25
Scalp Massage 15 min = $25
Knee Treatment 15min = $25
Feet Massage 15 min = $25
Hand Massage 15min = $25

Couple Massage in the Main Salt Room


What is Sinus Treatment?

==>   Come in for a sinus treatment followed by a salt session for allergy, sinus,  and cold relief.  Sinus drainage is achieved via pressure points and particular strokes. We combine this with a salt session for better sinus drainage.  <==

The result: better breathing and comfort!

Call o Text for appointment!

 ~ Brian ~

Available: Monday through Sunday by appointment 

Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Ashiatsu, Thai, Sports, Reflexology, Lomi, Cranio Sacral, Energy Healing

Brian is an incredible body worker. He was just a kid when his interest in body work began, Brian has spent all of the years since studying and training and developing his skills.  He has studied all over the world, so he has a wide variety of techniques to choose from to fit each individuals needs.

 ~ Red ~

Available: Tuesday - Friday and on request

Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Table-Thai

Inspired massage therapy that is always customized to suit your needs. No matter what you want from your massage, Red can help. Just 90min available. Red tried a few different occupations before she found Massage Therapy, but none of them gave her the total satisfaction that being a bodyworker provides. Red has found that the way she does Massage Therapy hits every point on her list!

 ~ Tiffany ~

Available: Monday through Saturday by Appointment

Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stone

Enjoy high quality touch with firm pressure with a full range of skills from soothing,  nurturing  and deep tissue.  Massage includes presencing, positional release techniques and re-patterning. Each session is a unique blend of techniques in response to your soft tissue, structural and energy.

 ~  coming soon ~

 ~ Jason ~

Available: Fridays

Relaxantion Massage, Craniosacral, Myofascial Therapy, Deep Tissue, Crystal & Energy Healing

Using a variety of techniques, Jason tailors her massage to each client's specific needs. She has found that through intuitively blending modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release & unwinding, craniosacral therapy and energy work she has been able to offer quick effective and lasting relief to clients; especially those in acute conditions.  At the end of a session with her, many clients report feeling an increased sense of deep relaxation and well-being as well as a reduction or elimination of physical pain and discomfort.

 ~ Emily ~

Available: on Request Monday through Sunday

Reiki & Energy Body Work

Emily is a certified Reiki Master and Advanced Energy Intuitive.  She utilizes a number of different modalities during a session, based on what is needed for the clients highest good.  Sometimes we need that additional boost, calming, a "re-set" or an objective third party to assist us in processing whatever life might bring.  Reiki is meant to help us align with our divine path and journey, and that's just what Emily assists with.

Cancellation Policy

at least 24 hrs before service ~ free cancellation

less then 24 hrs ~ 100% cancellation fee

same day cancellation or now show ~ 100% cancellation fee

(Please text  ~ 425.497.9666 ~ your cancellation to make sure you get a confirmation from us.)