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Do I need to make an appointment and how many people are able to enjoy the room at once?

During one session we can accomodate up to 8 people.

Please TEXT or CALL for an appointment: 425.497.9666

Call when you come with children between 10 and 12 years old.

After business hours Private Salt Sessions (4+) can be done on request. (no prepaid tickets accepted)

How many salt therapy sessions do I need?

This varies widely among individuals, and the condition being treated is a big factor. You may have some relief after one session; however, for the best results we recommend a series of treatments. Those with chronic conditions most likely need to come 2-4 times a week for the first 5-8 weeks. Those who come for stress relief and relaxation simply come as often as they like. For many conditions, after a series of sessions, symptoms subside and relief can last for several month before another session is needed. It can also be used as a preventive measure to strengthen the immune system against colds, cough, allergies, and sinusitis.

What type of salt(s) is used?

Salt mine arium uses the purest salt on earth; from our Himalayan Salt. In our Halo generators we use a form called Halite which is defined from the Celtic words “hall” for salt and “lit” for light. Halite crystals have been exposed over millions of years to high pressures, which caused formations of beautiful salt mines found in the Himalayas. Our Halite salt is hand-mined from the deepest and most elusive veins of the Himalayan mines in Pakistan.

High concentration of microscopic particles of Halite minerals namely, magnesium and bromide can help cleanse, detoxify and be utilized the body’s cells.

Is salt therapy safe for children and can they come into Salt Mine Arium?

YES!  We have our own children’s room designated.  In the salt room there’s a salt “sand box” which the children just sit there and play, while the parents relax. A lot of children suffer from respiratory problems, so it’s a huge natural savior for the parents.

Is salt therapy painful and other people are coughing in the salt therapy room. Is this okay?

It is 100% natural, safe, pain-free, without any known side effects, and very relaxing.

In the therapy session clients may have an increase in coughing, as the body clears the lungs or a slight skin rash or itch that goes away within 3-5 days. Clients may also experience an itch or “tickle” of the throat and is normal for some clients to have coughing and/or mucus discharge for a few days here after a halotherapy session.

Isn’t too much salt bad for you and does it increases my sodium levels?

If you use Himalayan salt to cook with over traditional Table salt or sea salt, you can receive over 84 naturally occurring minerals. Most salts you find in your super markets are jam packed with anti-caking, iodized bleachers and chemical processor and that began the norm to believe the salt was bad for your health. Over consumption of commercialized salt is linked to high blood pressure, which yes, will increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  Himalayan salt is free of any chemical additives and Gluten-free, no- GMO, kosher and organic which makes it much healthier for everyday consumption, thus, enhancing and balancing the body’s self regulating properties. During the session you are only breathing the dry saline aerosol into your respiratory tract, not eating nor digesting it.

 “One teaspoon of Sole or our “Himalayan salt brine” contains 478 mg of sodium – That’s equivalent to 20% of the USDA’s recommended daily allowance of 2,500 mg.”

Are there any clients who are not recommended/ contraindications to treatment?

  • Acute stage of respiratory disease
  • Cardio insufficiency;
  • Coronary heart disease (CHD) or any heart related problems
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases with 3rd stage chronic lung insufficiency (COPD)
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Expiration of blood
  • Hypertension in II B stage; acute kidney disease;
  • Internal diseases in an acute stage
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Cancer for which Halotherapy may be contraindicated. Cancer in treatment should be consulted with your practitioner before use of Halotherapy
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication
  • Halotherapy has shown to be safe and beneficial during pregnancy, but 3rd trimester women are strongly recommended to consult with your medical physician first.

What does Salt Therapy treat, are there any side effects I can expect and am I going to feel anything?

It’s amazing for people with respiratory problems, so sinusitis, infections, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, asthma, there’s a whole list of different problems salts can cleanse.  A lot of people who have respiratory problems have to have multiple surgeries, or are just always in the emergency room, so people look for alternative ways, to not have to do the most severe step, like surgery.

Skin problems, like psoriasis and eczema, are other reasons people come to the salt rooms. A lot of people go to Israel for the minerals that are produced by the Dead Sea to get the maximum benefits of salt. Our Himalayan salt has over 84 minerals, is great for the skin and it’s also a natural distress-er and a relaxer the negative ions that our salt rooms releases is excellent for calming down, relaxing, you’re in a room where there is absolutely no pollutants, the negative ions neutralizes anything harmful in the air. For our 45 minutes sessions, you’re sitting in the room, where your body’s not fighting the all the toxins that we have in the air of Bellevue or Seattle and in every city.

For those 45 minutes your body can rest without working hard to clean and clear your respiratory tract. You will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated! Just sit back and breathe naturally in our tranquil environment. You may feel the salt tickle your throat, eyes and nose as it clears the mucus. Some people also say they get a slight taste of salt on their lips.

What happens during the session and how is salt therapy controlled?

Are rooms are very beautiful, all our walls and floor are layered with Himalayan salt bricks; there is also beautiful lighting and music.

During sessions, dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 1-10 micrometers (very small and not seen by the naked eye) are produced, grinded and infused into our salt rooms by the halo generator. The halo generator is programmed to infuse a particular dosage of salt particles into the room. Our receptionist/attendant can also change the machine settings depending on the needs of the client. Rooms are ventilated for 30 minutes and fresh filtered air is supplied after each session.

How come I have never heard of a salt room or salt therapy?

So many people spend thousands of dollars and time to travel overseas to recover from health problems… The Dead Sea is famous for therapeutic travels, to eliminate skin problems.  Since the Mid-1800s, Miners in Poland, Russia, and Slovakia have inhaled infused, dry salt air as they worked in the deep caverns of natural rock salt caves. As the turn of the century came, practitioners questioned, why these men and women rarely suffered from colds and respiratory diseases.  Even in America, many people choose to take multiple trips down to the Oceanside, to relief the horrible cough from bronchitis. These are just some of many examples, but almost always, it takes a lot of effort for people to travel and spend unnecessary amounts of money for their health.

Even farther back in ancient time’s salt was used. The oldest medical report is from Egypt and dates back to the 3rd Century B.C. The ancient Egyptians used the salt to dry wounds and to prevent infection.  Skipping a few years ahead, Eastern Europe, but also from Poland, Finland and the Baltics found the benefits of the Salt caves.  Salt caves were naturally built from many tons of rock salt. Greeks and Romans harnessed the power of salts and were especially fond of Salt spas and bathhouses.

How does Salt therapy work?

You will be escorted to one of our salt rooms for a 45 min session, where you breathe in really tiny particles of salt, which is distributed through the air by our halo-generator. which goes deep down into your lungs, most steroids and nebulizer’s cannot reach that far into the small branches, called capillaries in your lungs, but the crushed salt can actually reach into those areas.

Is Halo therapy and speleotherapy the same thing?

The term Halotherapy, has been used since the mid 1800s, “Halo” comes from the Greek word for “Salt”, and so you could easily say that Halotherapy… is salt therapy.

Halotherapy evolved from Speleotherapy.  “Speleo” comes from the Greek word for cave which this therapy only uses the natural conditions of the salt caves or mines.  Halotherapy gives us the opportunity to bring these conditions closer to you.

What is Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)?

Salt Therapy is breathing in salty air for therapeutic benefits. It is a common, natural treatment in eastern and central Europe but almost unknown elsewhere.

Dr. Oz on Oprah, actually did a segment on Salt and saline inhalers ways to clean nasal passages or just a cleansing agent of your body as a whole, and this method has been used for awhile now, but our rooms are just taking it to the next level, Your sitting in a room which the air is just permeated with the salt.

It is based on the principle that exposure to the microclimate inside a natural salt mine/cave can play an important role in the relief of many health problems, particularly respiratory and skin conditions.

Our rooms at salt mine arium delivers salt therapy in especially designed room layered with Himalayan salt and where the microclimate of a natural salt mine/cave is replicated using a halo generator. This machine releases negatively ionized micro particles of salty mist into the room.

There is also a beautiful water fall in each room that adds the fine mist or spray, kind of like going to the ocean and breathing in the salty ocean air, the waterfall replicates that mist.

I’m not sick, how is salt therapy good for me?

Salt therapy has de-stressing, relaxing effects; it is beneficial for calming the nervous system. The negative ions (good ions) that our salt rooms releases is excellent for calming down, relaxing, So if  you get overly-tired and stressed out from work, come kick your feet up in our salt rooms for a bit!  You’re in a room where there is absolutely no pollutants, the negative ions neutralizes anything harmful in the air. For our 45 minutes sessions, you’re sitting in the room, where your body’s not fighting the all the toxins that we have in the air of any city in Washington and you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.